Red Bridge (Tasmania)

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Red Bridge
Red Bridge, Tasmania.jpg
Red Bridge, Tasmania
Carries Motor vehicles and pedestrians
Crosses Elizabeth River
Locale Campbell Town, Tasmania,  Australia
Heritage status Registered
Design Arch bridge
Material Brick and Stone
Longest span 7.6 metres (25 ft)
Number of spans 3
Designer James Blackburn
Construction begin 1836
Construction end July 1838

The Red Bridge in Tasmania crosses the Elizabeth River at Campbell Town. It was built between 1836 and 1838 by convicts using red clay bricks made on site.[1] It has a solid stone base with sandstone piers and cappings.[1] It is the oldest brick arch bridge in Australia,[1] as well as the oldest bridge anywhere on an Australian National Highway.[2] The bridge has three arches with spans of 7.6 m (25 ft) each. It is wide enough for two lanes of traffic as well as pedestrian walkways. It is on the Midland Highway, about halfway between Hobart and Launceston, and carries over two million vehicles per year.

It is said to have been designed by James Blackburn, an architect and a convict who had been sent to Tasmania for the crime of forgery.[3] It was made from 1,250,000 hand-made bricks on dry land. After it was finished the course of the river was changed to flow under the bridge.[4]

The Red Bridge is registered on the Register of the National Estate since 1978.

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