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Reptiles is a monthly magazine. It is published in Irvine, California. Reptiles magazine is a reptile and amphibian magazine. It talks about keeping and breeding many of their species. The magazine's publisher is BowTie Inc. The first issue of the magazine was in October 1993.[1] It was a bimonthly magazine for one year. It became a monthly magazine starting with its December 1994 issue. The columns such as "Herptological Queries" and "Veterinarian Q&A" have been in the magazine since it was first released.

Many reptiles and amphibian species have been talked about in the magazine. Popular pets such as the bearded dragon, red-eared slider, leopard geckos, and ball pythons often appear in the magazine. They consider themselves "The World's Leading Reptile Magazine". Their June 2012 issue celebrated their 20th anniversary.

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