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A resonator is something that resonates. This may make a particular frequency of a sound or other vibration become bigger.

Electromagnetics[change | change source]

In electromagnetics a cavity resonator is a resonator composed of a space that is usually surrounded by a dielectric or metal which allows standing wave patterns at particular frequencies, eigenmodes, correlated to their size, shape, and material.

Music[change | change source]

Most musical instruments have resonators. They are the parts which makes the sound louder. A vibraphone, for example, has long tubes underneath the keys. It also has a special effect: a mechanism which, when it is turned on, opens and shuts the resonators very quickly so that a trembling sound is heard.

The body of a violin is a resonator: without the body the sound of the string vibrating would hardly be heard, just as the sound of an elastic band stretched between two fingers can hardly be heard.