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Retie is a municipality in the Belgian province of Antwerp.

In 2007, 10485 people lived there.[1]

It is at 51° 16 North, 05° 05 East.[2]

The town is near the Dutch border and is in fact closer to the city of Eindhoven than Antwerp.

The official language of the area is Dutch, but many people especially in the hospitality industry speak English and French.


Services are basic in Retie, some banks have branches including ING and AXA. Supermarket shopping is available. Bakeries in Retie are very good. Like most of Belgium the shops are generally closed on Sunday.

The Gemeente (local council) official website (in Dutch) is

Things to do in and around Retie

There is a pretty town hall in the centre of the town, but unlike many Belgian towns it is not organised around a town square (well it is now just a large intersection) and therefore does not have the quaint village feel as many other small towns in this part of Belgium (for example Lommel, Mol).

The main attraction of the town is Prinsenpark - a public forest that is popular with families and walking/jogging groups. Dogs on leads are allowed. There are picnic tables and toilets.

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