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Revolutionary Insurgent Army of Ukraine

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Revolutionary Insurgent Army of Ukraine
Революційна Повстанська Армія України
LeadersNestor Makhno
Active regionsUkraine
Political positionFar-left
AlliesRed Army (1919–1920)
Ukraine (1919)
OpponentsCentral Powers (1918)
White Army (1918–1920)
Red Army (1920–1921)

The Revolutionary Insurgent Army of Ukraine was an anarchist army that fought in the Russian Civil War. It was led by Nestor Makhno, its Commander-in-Chief.

History[change | change source]

Anarchist insurgents first came together in 1918, when Ukraine was invaded by the Central Powers. They beat the Austro-Hungarian Empire in battle and captured a lot of the south of Ukraine. They then joined the Red Army and fought against the White Army. But the insurgents disliked their Red Army commanders, the Bolsheviks.

In 1919, the White Army invaded Ukraine and the Red Army withdrew from the country. The Insurgent Army went west to escape the White offensive. The insurgents formed a truce with the nationalists led by Symon Petliura. They then fought back against the Whites and beat them in battle. By the end of 1919, the Insurgent Army took over most of the south and east of Ukraine.

In 1920, the Red Army invaded Ukraine and attacked the Insurgent Army. When the Whites attacked Ukraine again, the Red and Insurgent armies formed an alliance. The two attacked the Whites and beat them in Crimea. The Red Army then turned against the Insurgent Army again. The insurgents fought a guerrilla war against the Reds. By August 1921, the Insurgent Army was beaten. Nestor Makhno fled Ukraine.

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