Riccardo Drigo

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Maestro Riccardo Eugenio Drigo. St. Petersburg, 1892

Riccardo Eugenio Drigo (30 June 1846–1 October 1930) was an Italian composer of ballet music and opera, a theatrical conductor, and a pianist. Drigo is most noted for his long career as kapellmeister and Director of Music of the Mariinsky Ballet of St. Petersburg, Russia. He composed music for the original works and revivals of the Mariinsky choreographers Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov. Drigo also served as Chef d’orchestre for Italian opera performances of Mariinsky Theatre orchestra. During his career in St. Petersburg, Drigo conducted the premieres and regular performances of nearly every ballet and Italian opera performed on the Tsarist stage. He was considered to be one of the finest theatrical conductors in Europe.