Richard P. Barth

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Richard P. Barth is the current Dean of the University of Maryland in Baltimore. He has been the school's dean, since 2006. He is also a founder and president of the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare, which was formed in 2009.

Dean Barth wrote the book Social and Cognitive Treatment of Children and Adolescents (1986). Moreover, he has also co-written nine other books Preventing Adolescent Abuse (1992), From Child Abuse to Permanency Planning: Pathways Through Child Welfare Services (1992), Families Living with Drugs and HIV (1993), The Tender Years: Toward Developmentally-Sensitive Child Welfare Services (1998), The Child Welfare Challenge (1992, 2000), and Beyond Common Sense: Child Welfare, Child-Well-Being, and the Evidence for Policy Reform (2006).