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Richard Sala (1955 – May 2020) was an American horror cartoonist, illustrator, and comic book creator. He was born in Oakland, California. He was raised in West Chicago, Illinois.

Two of his books, The Chuckling Whatsit and Mad Night began as serials. The Chuckling Whatsit first appeared in the anthology Zero Zero. Sala has also worked on projects with Lemony Snicket, Steve Niles and The Residents and illustrated Doctor Sax and The Great World Snake

In 2014, Sala began writing and drawing a webcomic entitled Super-Enigmatix.[1] In 2016, Sala began a second webcomic, The Bloody Cardinal, also about a mystery-shrouded super-criminal.[2]

On May 9, 2020, Sala's death was announced, aged 65.[3]

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