River Clyde

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Coordinates: 55°40′0″N 5°0′0″W / 55.66667°N 5.00000°W / 55.66667; -5.00000
River Clyde (Gaelic: Abhainn Chluaidh)
The River Clyde at Glasgow's Broomielaw
Country Scotland
Counties South Lanarkshire, Argyll, Ayrshire
Cities Lanark, Glasgow, Bothwell, Greenock
Landmarks Falls of Clyde (waterfalls), Bothwell Castle, Firth of Clyde
Source Lowther Hills in South Lanarkshire
 - coordinates 55°24′4″N 3°39′10″W / 55.40111°N 3.65278°W / 55.40111; -3.65278
Mouth Firth of Clyde
 - coordinates 55°40′0″N 5°0′0″W / 55.66667°N 5.00000°W / 55.66667; -5.00000
Length 176 km (109 mi)
Basin 4,000 km² (1,544 sq mi)

The River Clyde (Scottish Gaelic: Abhainn Chluaidh, pronounced [avɪɲˈxlˠ̪uəj]) is a river in Scotland. It flows through Glasgow before opening up into the Firth of Clyde.

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