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Robert Knox c.1830

Robert Knox (4 September 1791 – 20 December 1862) was a Scottish anatomist, zoologist, ethnologist and doctor. He is best known for the Burke and Hare murders. Some of his work had controversy because he tried to prove that Anglo-Saxons were superior to other people.

Life[change | change source]

Robert Knox was born in Edinburgh's North Richmond Street to Mary and Robert Knox. His father was a teacher of mathematics and philosophy. He had smallpox as an infant, which blinded his left eye and changed his face.[1] He was educated at the Royal High School,[2] where he bullied his friends.[3]

In 1810, he joined medical classes in Edinburgh. He became interested in transcendentalism.[4]

Knox graduated from Edinburgh University in 1814.[5]

Knox married his wife Susan in 1824.[6]

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