Rocket Mania

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Rocket Mania is a computer puzzle video game made by Nuclide Games and PopCap Games.

Gameplay[change | change source]

The player rotates fuses to launch rockets. Multiple rockets can be launched because the fuses have junctions. Players can get coins for launching rockets. Five coins will upgrade a rocket. The player goes through different ranks by earning points. Combos can also happen if a fuse launches and then falls.

Modes[change | change source]

Classic[change | change source]

The game starts at night, with a time limit. Depending on the level, the player will launch a certain number of rockets before they level up. The dragon automatically upgrades the rockets with coins, which in turn gives the player more points. Other types of items can also be awarded. Item values are based on rockets.

Arcade[change | change source]

The game starts empty, with tiles filling up the board. The player must lead fuses to rockets before the board fills.

Strategy[change | change source]

The player starts with a number of matches. Launching multiple rockets will bring bonus matches to the board, but they will burn out if left there. If the match is carried by the fuse light, the player gets the match. The game ends if the player runs out of matches.