Roman Syria

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Provincia Syria
ἐπαρχία Συρίας
Province of the Roman Empire
64 BC–198 AD

Roman Syria highlighted in 125 AD
(modern-day Antakya, Hatay, Turkey)
• Conquest of Coele-Syria by Pompey
64 BC
• Province divided into Coele Syria and Phoenice
198 AD
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Seleucis of Syria
Herodian Tetrarchy
Coele Syria (Roman province)
Phoenice (Roman province)
Today part of

Roman Syria (Latin: Provincia Syria; Greek: ἐπαρχία Συρίας) was a province of the Roman Republic, and later, the Roman Empire.[1] The Romans gained it in the Third Mithridatic War in 64 BC, and the province got divided by the late 2nd century AD into Coele Syria and Syria Phoenice.[2] The province was mostly in modern day Syria and Lebanon, but also had territory in Turkey.[1]

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