Romanian Land Forces

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Romanian Land Forces
Forțele Terestre Române
Founded24 November [O.S. 12 November] 1859
Country Romania
RoleInfantry, Mountain Troops, Artillery, Armour, Paratroopers, CBRN
Size116,000 (36,000 professionals and 80,000 paramilitary)
Part ofRomanian Armed Forces
Command HQBucharest
Motto(s)Statul Major al Forţelor Terestre
Anniversaries23 April
Commander-in-Chief of the Land Forces StaffLieutenant General SCARLAT DUMITRU
Marshal Constantin Prezan, Marshal Alexandru Averescu, Marshal Ion Antonescu
RoundelRoundel of Romania.svg
Military colorsBattle flag of Romania (Land Forces model).png
Identification flag (obverse)Flag of the Romanian Land Forces (Obverse).svg

The Romanian Land Forces is what the army of Romania is called. It is a branch of the Romanian military. Since they renewed their supply of armor and arms, they are now very well equipped today and is an important member of NATO.[1]

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