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Rosa García Ascot (8 April 1902, Madrid[1][2] – 2 May 2002, Torrelaguna, Madrid) was a Spanish composer and pianist. She was the only woman in the well known Group of Eight. The other members were Julián Bautista, Ernesto Halffter and his brother Rodolfo, Juan José Mantecón, Fernando Remacha, Salvador Bacarisse and Jesús Bal y Gay. She married Bal y Gay in 1933. Her more notable compositions include Suite para orquesta (Suite for orchestra), Preludio (Prelude), and the Concierto para piano y orquesta (Concerto for piano and orchestra).[3]

García Ascot is also considered Manuel de Falla's last disciple. Before studying with de Falla in Madrid, she was a studied with Felipe Pedrell and then later with Enrique Granados. She spent 10 years in the early part of her career touring as a concert soloist. After this, she did very few public concerts and always in very special circumstances. She died almost a month after her 100th birthday.[3]

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