Rosie Hackett

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Rosanna “Rosie” Hackett (1893–1976) was a worker rights activist and trade union leader. She lived in Dublin, Ireland.

Early life[change | change source]

Hackett was born on 25 July 1893, in Dublin, Ireland. Her family was hardworking, but they did not have very much money. They lived in a small, broken, dirty building with many people. Her father died when she was young. A few years later, she worked at a paper store in her hometown to get money.[1]

Achievements[change | change source]

Hackett had a lot of important events in her life. She was a part of many strikes and helped to start the group, IWWU (Irish Women Worker Union). Also, after her death, she had a bridge in Dublin named after her in 2013. (The Rosie Hackett Bridge) [2]

Death and Legacy[change | change source]

Hackett died on 4 July 1976. She was 84 years old and her body was placed in Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland. She was respected for her acts in strikes and helped the Irish economy.[2]

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