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Rosanna “Rosie” Hackett (1893 - 1976) worked hard to get more worker rights. She lived in Dublin, Ireland.

Early life[change | change source]

Hackett was born on July 25, 1893, in Dublin, Ireland. Her family was hardworking, but they did not have very much money. They lived in a small, broken, dirty building with many people. Her father died when she was young. A few years later, she worked at a paper store in her hometown to get money.[1]

Achievements[change | change source]

Hackett had a lot of important events in her life. She was a part of many strikes and helped to start the group, IWWU (Irish Women Worker Union). Also, after her death, she had a bridge in Dublin named after her in 2013. (The Rosie Hackett Bridge) [2]

Death and Legacy[change | change source]

Hackett died on July 4, 1976. She was 84 years old and her body was placed in Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland. She was respected for her acts in strikes and helped the Irish economy.[2]

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