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Ross Bridge

Coordinates: 42°01′51″S 147°29′23″E / 42.030727°S 147.489653°E / -42.030727; 147.489653
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Ross Bridge
Ross Bridge with church in the background
Coordinates42°01′51″S 147°29′23″E / 42.0308°S 147.4897°E / -42.0308; 147.4897
CarriesMotor vehicles
CrossesMacquarie River
LocaleRoss, Tasmania,  Australia
Heritage statusRegistered
DesignDeck arch bridge
No. of spans3
DesignerJohn Lee Archer
Construction start1830
Construction end1836

Ross Bridge is an historic bridge in the town of Ross in central Tasmania, Australia, completed in July 1836. It crosses the Macquarie River. It replaced an earlier bridge built in 1822 made of uncemented stone piers, with a road surface of logs and clay.[1] This bridge was repaired after several piers fell down in 1828, and the bridge finally collapsed in 1831.[1]

The sandstone bridge was built by convicts. It is the third oldest bridge still in use in Australia. The bridge was designed by architect John Lee Archer. Several attempts were made to build a new bridge. Corrupt officials sold materials the government had bought to make the bridge.[1] Archer changed his designs, and a number of different overseers were put in charge.[1] It was not until two convict stonemasons, James Colbeck and Daniel Herbert joined the building team that any progress was made.[1] In 13 months they completed the bridge on which work had started seven years earlier. Herbert is responsible the detailed carvings along both sides of the bridge.[2] [3] The bridge was opened by the Governor of Tasmania, George Arthur, on 21 October, 1836.[1] The bridge was registered on the Register of the National Estate in 1978.

Ross Bridge

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