Roswell UFO incident

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The Roswell incident is a collection of events and myths surrounding a military balloon crash. It crashed in 1947 near Roswell, New Mexico. There had been a flying disc craze that summer. Americans reported hundreds of flying saucers. A rancher near Roswell found the balloon debris. He reported the metallic and rubber debris to the military as a crashed flying saucer. Roswell Army Air Field recovered the debris. The Army told the local news they had found a “flying disc”. This made worldwide news, but the Army took back the statement within the day. The Air Force hid the point of the crashed balloon. It was for nuclear test detection, but General Roger Ramey said it was a weather balloon. Thirty years later, conspiracy theorists accused the government of a cover-up. Conspiracy theorists claimed the Air Force hid a spaceship. In 1994, the United States Air Force responded to the conspiracy theories. They revealed the debris had come from a top-secret surveillance balloon. Project Mogul at nearby Alamogordo Army Air Field launched the balloon in June 1947.

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