Ruying Culture and Art Museum

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The Ruying Culture and Art Museum is located in a social and cultural institution in Xuchang. It currently runs pure literature newspapers such as "Poetry Ruying", "Ruying Young Writers",[1][2] "School Poetry World" and "Youth Han Haiku", and co-organizes the pure literature publication "Literature Yu Army", "Dust Time" and other magazines.

Introduction to the organization[change | change source]

Ruying Culture and Art Museum is located in Xuchang, the ancient capital of Cao Wei, and is officially registered by the famous writer and Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan, which is a comprehensive cultural and art institution officially registered with the approval of relevant departments and with the support and help of leaders from all walks of life and literature lovers. The museum is presided over by the board of directors in daily work, with young writers as the main support objects, through organizing literary and artistic cultural exchange activities, helping young writers improve their level of literary and artistic creation, disseminate scientific and cultural knowledge, and contribute to the socialist cultural cause.[3]

Direction of development[change | change source]

Ruying Culture and Art Museum is a service organization that undertakes social public cultural undertakings and prosperses grassroots popular culture. For a long time, Ruying Culture and Art Museum has mainly supported young literary and artistic creators in colleges and universities, and actively played a service role. Assist young authors to publish the anthology "Ruying Young Writers: Old Times in the Alley",[4] etc., and at the same time discover and cultivate literary talents through organizing a series of literary and artistic exchange activities, establish correct values and cultural views for young literary creators, feel the atmosphere of the new era, and understand the meaning of literary creation.[5]

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