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Mount Süphan
Suphan 01.jpg
Mount Süphan in 2005
Highest point
Elevation4,058 metres (13,314 ft)
Prominence2,189 metres (7,182 ft)
Coordinates38°55′N 42°49′E / 38.92°N 42.82°E / 38.92; 42.82
LocationBitlis Province, Turkey
Age of rockHolocene
Mountain typeStratovolcano
Last eruption8050 BC

Mount Süphan (Armenian: Սիփան; Sipan,Turkish: Süphan Dağı, Kurdish: Sîpana Xelatê, and "Sipan" also "Ciyaye Sipan", which means "White/s, Aryan/s" in Kurdish), is a dormant stratovolcano in eastern Turkey, immediately north of Lake Van. It is the second highest volcano in Turkey.

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Panoramic view of the peak of Süphan