FC Wien

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FC Wien
Full nameFußballklub Wien
Founded1914 as SC Nicholson
refounded 1983 and 2007

FC Wien was a football club from the 10th district of Vienna. It was founded in 1914 as SC Nicholson, as a tribute to the great pioneer of Austrian football, Mark Nicholson. The clubcolours were blue and yellow.[1]In 1933 it was renamed FC Wien also the colours turned to red and white.[2]

History[change | change source]

The club played 27 seasons in the highest league between 1928 and 1958. The second place in 1942 was the best result. In 1973 the association was dissolved due to economic problem. [3]In 1983 a first attempt was made to found FC Wien again. The club remained not important and disappeared in 2006 after a merger with FC 1980 Wien Sisyphus to become FC 1980 Wien. In 2007 a lower-class football club of the same name was founded again which stood in the tradition of the historic FC Wien.

The best-known players were goalkeeper Walter Zeman, the later team manager Karl Stotz and later national team captain Erich Obermayer.

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