Safe sex

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Condoms are sold in machines such as this one. They can help prevent a pregnancy. They can also limit the spread of some sexually-transmitted diseases. The text on the machine reads You have a choice.

Safe sex (also called Safer sex or protected sex) is to have sex in a safe way. There are many dangers with having sex. Perhaps the most well-known are:

There are many ways of having safe sex. Some of these include:

  • Using a condom or dental dam to create a barrier between the individuals. This is the way which most people have safe sex.
  • Masturbating rather than having normal sex. This is because the body parts never come into contact making it harder for diseases to spread.
  • Oral Sex is also lots safer although there is still a high risk. Using a condom or dam while having oral sex or rimming is even safer.
  • Abstinence, or not having sex at all.