Saint Timothy

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The Christian Saint Timothy (ancient Greek Τῑμόθεος, Tīmotheos, Latin Tīmotheus) was a student of the Paul the Apostle of Tarsus. He was born as the son of a Greek Father and a Jewess Mother in Lystra near Konya in Asia Minor (modern day Turkey) and died around AD. 97 in Ephesus. Paul circumcised Timothy as an young Adult, because of his Jewish maternal Background, so he got a Brit milah.[1][2] The Catholic, Protestant and Anglican memorial day of the saint is January 26, along with Saint Titus, the Orthodox January 26. In the city of Bayeux in the Normandy region of northern France, where relics of the saint are preserved, he is also celebrated on May 9.

According to Christian tradition, Saint Timothy is the patron saint of male patients with foreskin problems, especially circumcision issue and stomache.

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