Saint Vitus

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Vitus was born in Sicily in southern Italy. He was born in 290 AD. He died in Luciana in the northwest of Italy. Vitus was one of the fourteen holy helpers.

Legend says that Vitus was the son of a man named Hylas. Hylas didn’t like Vitus for being Christian so he arrested him with his tutor and his nurse. Vitus travelled to Lucania which is in Rome, Italy and he got trapped by some people who knew his father. They put Vitus in a pot of boiled oil with a rooster. After a while he died in the pot.

Saint Vitus was the patron saint of actors, comedians, dancers and epileptics. Vitus’s feast day is June 15, which was his date of death in 303. People in Germany celebrate the feast of St Vitus by dancing next to his statue on June 15...