Salena Rocky Malone

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Salena Rocky Malone
Died22 May 2017
OccupationLGBTI rights Activist
Known forLGBQTI Activist

Salena Rocky Malone (died in May 2017), she was an Australian activist for human rights, and an active member of the LGBT community in Australia. She was one of the founders of IngiLez Leadership Support Group (ILSG), and the manager of Open Doors Youth Service.[1][2]

She worked as an Aboriginals Liaison Officer and LGBTI Liaison Officer with the Queensland Police Service.Also, she was part of the PFLAG, Dykes on Bikes, the LGBTI Health Alliance.

Awards[change | change source]

She received an award for Best Community Service at Brisbane's Queen's Ball Awards for her accomplishments in Open Doors Youth Service, because of her work with at-risk LGBTI youth.[1]

Death[change | change source]

Rocky died on a motorcycle accident in Rockhampton on May 22 2017.[1][3]

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