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Center of Hallstatt
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Official name Hallstatt-Dachstein / Salzkammergut Cultural Landscape
Location Upper Austria, Austria Edit this at Wikidata
Coordinates 47°45′N 13°30′E / 47.75°N 13.5°E / 47.75; 13.5
Criteria Cultural: iii, iv
Reference 806
Inscription 1997 (21st Session)
Salzkammergut is located in Austria
Location of Salzkammergut

The Salzkammergut is a resort area in Austria. It goes from City of Salzburg to the Dachstein mountain range. The main river of the region is the Traun. The name Salzkammergut means "Estate of the Salt Chamber". This is from the Imperial Salt Chamber, the group who ran the precious salt mines in the Habsburg empire.[1]

With its many lakes and mountains, the Salzkammergut has many opportunities for water sports, bathing, hiking, cycling and golf.

Parts of the area around Hallstatt were listed as a World Heritage Site in 1997. The World Heritage Site includes the towns Hallstatt, Obertraun, Gosau and Bad Goisern.[2]

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Coordinates: 47°33′34″N 13°38′47″E / 47.5594444544°N 13.6463888989°E / 47.5594444544; 13.6463888989