Sar-e Pol Province

Coordinates: 35°36′N 66°18′E / 35.6°N 66.3°E / 35.6; 66.3
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Sar-e Pol
Map of Afghanistan with Sar-e Pol highlighted
Map of Afghanistan with Sar-e Pol highlighted
Districts of Sar-e Pol
Districts of Sar-e Pol
Coordinates (Capital): 35°36′N 66°18′E / 35.6°N 66.3°E / 35.6; 66.3
Country Afghanistan
DistrictSar-e Pol
CapitalSar-e Pol
 • Total16,360 km2 (6,320 sq mi)
 • Total532,000
 • Density33/km2 (84/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+4:30
ISO 3166 codeAF-SAR
Main languagesDari Persian

Sar-e Pol, also spelled Sari Pul (Persian: سرپل), is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan. It is in the north of the country. The capital is the city of Sar-e Pol. Dari (Persian) is the main language. About 442,261 people live in the Province. There are many mountains, especially in the south part.

Districts[change | change source]

The province is divided into 7 Districts.

Districts of Sar-e Pol Province
District Capital Population Area[2] Notes
Balkhab Tarkhoj 44,041[3]
Gosfandi 39,721[3] Created in 2006 within Sayyad District; most recently created district up to date
Kohistanat 72,037[3]
Sangcharak Tukzar 87,670[3] 1,089 km2[4]
Sar-e Pol Sar-e Pol 115,463[3]
Sayyad 47,336[3] Sub-divided in 2006
Sozma Qala 36,993[3]

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