Savoy cabbage

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Savoy Cabbage.jpg
Savoy cabbage
SpeciesBrassica oleracea var. sabauda L.
Cultivar groupBrassica oleracea Savoy Cabbage Group
Cultivar group members
  • 'Tundra'
  • 'Winter King'
  • 'Savoy King'

Savoy cabbage is a variety of the species Brassica oleracea.[1] Savoy cabbage is a vegetable that grows in winter.[2] In the 18th century, it was brought into Germany as "Savoyer Kohl".[3] It's name is gotten from the Savoy Region in France.[4] It has crinkled, emerald green leaves.[5] The leaves are crunchy and tender.[3] Known cultivars include 'Savoy King' (in the US), 'Tundra' (green with a firm, round heart) and 'Winter King' (with dark crumpled leaves).[3]

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