Scarus ghobban

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The Blue-barred Parrotfish

Scarus ghobban is a member of the Scaridae family. Scarus ghobban is also known as the blue-barred parrotfish.[1] Ancient writers described them as 'parrot fish'.[2]

Description[change | change source]

This species is blue-green to green in color. It often grows to about 46 centimetres (18 in). It may have a central stripe on the dorsal and anal fins that is pink in color. The underside of the body may be pinkish or yellowish. There may be blue markings around the area of the pectoral fin.[3]

Distribution[change | change source]

Scarus ghobban is found in waters around Africa, the Mediterranean and Red Seas.[2] They are also found in the Galápagos Islands[3] and the Eastern Pacific Ocean.[2]

Habitat[change | change source]

Scarus Ghobban occurs in places with sandy bottoms. It also lives near reefs.[2] Males usually live at depths of about 9.1 metres (30 ft), females live in deeper waters.[2]

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