Scheldt–Rhine Canal

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Scheldt-Rhine Canal
The Scheldt-Rhine canal
CountryThe Netherlands
Length32 kilometres (19.9 miles; 17.3 nautical miles)
Lock length320 m (1,050 ft) [1]
Lock width24 m (79 ft)
Maximum boat length225 m (738 ft) [2]
Maximum boat beam23.5 m (77.1 ft)
Original number of locks2 parallel
Construction began1963
Date completed1975
Start pointAntwerp, Belgium
End pointVolkerak at Rhine-Meuse Delta, Netherlands
Beginning coordinates51°21′0.72″N 4°18′2.88″E / 51.3502000°N 4.3008000°E / 51.3502000; 4.3008000
Ending coordinates51°38′3.84″N 4°14′16.44″E / 51.6344000°N 4.2379000°E / 51.6344000; 4.2379000
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The Scheldt–Rhine Canal (Schelde-Rijnkanaal) in Belgium and the Netherlands connects Antwerp with the Volkerak. Boats can get from the Scheldt to the Rhine.

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