Scottish Terrier

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Scottish Terrier
Scottish Terriers.jpg
A black and a white Scottish Terrier
Common nicknamesScottie, Aberdeenie
Weight Male 8.5–10 kg (19–22 lb)
Female 8–9.5 kg (18–21 lb)
Height Male 25 cm (9.8 in)
Female 25 cm (9.8 in)
Coat double (hard wiry & soft under coat)
Color Black, Brindle, Wheaten
Litter size 1-6
Life span 11 to 13 years
Classification / standards
FCI Group 3, Section 2 #73 standard
AKC Terrier standard
ANKC Group 2 (Terriers) standard
CKC Group 4 - Terriers standard
KC (UK) Terrier standard
NZKC Terrier standard
UKC Terriers standard
NotesNational dog of Scotland
Domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris)

The Scottish Terrier is one of the five breeds of terrier that originated in Scotland. It is also known as Aberdeen Terrier. The other four breeds of terrier from Scotland are Skye, Cairn, Dandie Dinmont, and West Highland White Terrier. Originally scottish terriers were used for hunting, but because of their small size, they are often kept as pets.