Scottsdale, Tasmania

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Scottsdale, from North Scottsdale. Mount Barrow can be seen in the background
Population: 1,904 (2001) [1]
Postcode: 7260
Elevation: 198 m (650 ft) [2]
LGA: Dorset Council
State District: Bass
Federal Division: Bass
Mean Max Temp Mean Min Temp Annual Rainfall
17.3 °C
63 °F
7.0 °C
45 °F
1,002.9 mm
39.5 in

Scottsdale is a town in the north-east of Tasmania, Australia. It is 63 km northeast of Launceston and 22 km southeast of town of Bridport. It is part of the Dorset Council.

The area was first surveyed in 1855 and was described as, "the best soil on the island ... well watered, with a mild climate" by surveyor James Scott. The town was named after him. Scottsdale is now a major agricultural centre.

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