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A scrapbook is a book where people can keep pictures, newspapers articles, recipes, letters and similar things. It is often used to keep memorable things or a collection of things. It is also often used in the hobby of scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is the use of a scrapbook as a hobby rather than a more practical use such as keeping collections of recipes used in daily cooking. It is a way to preserve pictures and memories in a book that can last throughout a person's whole life. Scrapbooking is becoming more popular. The hobby interest has created a business phenomenon with many companies selling various tools, paper and equipment to make the craft easier and more enjoyable. Scrapbooking, also known as 'cropping,' is an art that creates family heirlooms. Each page of a scrapbook become a family treasure, especially when the author writes in his/her own handwriting about the pictures.