Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is an action RPG made by FromSoftware led by Hidetaka Miyazaki. It is similar to the Souls series of video games. However, there are many changes that have also been made. Below are the differences between Sekiro and the Souls series.

  • The setting is different. While the Souls series takes place in a fantasy world like Medieval Europe, Sekiro takes place in a fictional timeline during Japan's Sengoku period.
  • The player can move much more easily. The player can run faster than in the Souls series. The player can also jump, hug walls, hang on the side of a cliff, swim, and use stealth attacks. They also have a grappling hook which they can use to travel around the level quickly.
  • Platforming is more important in this game.
  • Parrying is much more important in this game, since enemies has a longer reach in Sekiro and some enemies cannot be killed until they are parried.
  • The game has no online features, which means other players online neither help nor kill they player.
  • The player has a "posture bar", which shows how able the player is to strike a killing hit on an enemy.
  • The player will not lose their experience points if they die.
  • The player can revive at the same place they died if they have resurrection power.
  • The game has more checkpoints.
  • The player cannot level up their stats, nor find new weapons or armor. The player's only melee weapon is their katana.
  • The player has a skill tree that can be used to learn new moves or improve the ones they already have.