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Self-care is the process of taking care of your own health on a physical and psychological level. [1] These include diet, sleep, personal hygiene, social interactions, exercise and recreation. [1] Regular self-care is important for healthy people in terms of health promotion. It only becomes essential (necessary) in the case of physical and psychological complaints and illnesses in terms of prevention and maintaining quality of life. [2]

Origin and history

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Although the name suggests its origin in modern times, the origins can be traced back to Socrates in ancient Greece. [3] Before the 20th century , self-care was still closely tied to wealth . It was not until that time that the middle class was able to afford it. [4] With the release of "Caring for Yourself." 1986 by Michel Foucault , the topic is taken up again in another way. The aim (goal) is to get to know yourself there, to identify mistakes and harmful behavior in order to eliminate or change them. [5]

Influencing factors

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Supporting Factors

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There are many factors that support self-care, including:

  • Motivation through human contact and empathy
  • Tailored Interventions
  • Supportive social environment
  • Easier communication with social environment and medical professionals

competency-based approaches to building self-care skills routine

Hindering Factors

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The hindering factors are factors that stabilize a lack of self-care or make improvement more difficult:

  • Attachment to Unhealthy Habits. This can be about the social environment.
  • Lack of motivation to change
  • Difficulty maintaining healthy habits over the long term
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