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Sena dynasty

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The Sena dynasty (সেন,Shen) ruled Bengal through the 11th and 12th centuries. Sena / Sen Dynasty was founded by Samanta Sen. Adi Purush Veersen of this dynasty is considered. They trace their origins to the Brahmakshatra Kayastha tradition. After the fall of the Pala dynasty, the Sena dynasty was established in Bengal.

Vaidya Ballal Sen (1158-78 AD) - He was also a follower of Shaivism. It assumed the title of Gaudeshwar of the Pala rulers. He himself was a patron of scholars and scholars. He composed a book called Dansagar.But could not complete it. Later Lakshmanasen completed it. This started the movement under the name of nobility. Its purpose was to maintain the superiority and purity of power of the elite castes. The superiority and purity of power was to be maintained. First of all, he called Brahmins from Kannauj and settled in Bengal. After his death, his son became the ruler. Laxman Sen (1178-1205 AD) - Lakshmanasen assumed the title of Parambhagavata. Unlike his ancestors, he was a follower of Vaishnavism. Its writings begin with the praise of Vishnu. It established another capital near its former capital at Lakshmanavati (Lakhanauti). Jayadev, the author of Geetgovind, was one of its 5 gems. Halayudh was its Chief Justice and Chief Minister. Laxman Sen started the Lakshman era. It won Kashi and Prayag from Jaichand Gahadwal. It established victory pillars at Kashi, Puri and Prayag. In 1202 AD, Bakhtiar Khilji attacked it and conquered its capital, Nadia. refer by Book ko Bangladesh historical society