Sharq, Kuwait

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Sharq is located in Kuwait
Coordinates: 29°23′N 47°59′E / 29.383°N 47.983°E / 29.383; 47.983Coordinates: 29°23′N 47°59′E / 29.383°N 47.983°E / 29.383; 47.983[1]
Country Kuwait
GovernorateCapital Governorate
Elevation9 m (30 ft)
 • Total14,708

Sharq (Arabic: شرق, romanized: Šarq), an area of the Capital Governorate in Kuwait. It was so named because it was located east (Sharq in Arabic) of the Seif Palace. In the past, the area started from Bneid Al-Qar and then north along the beach until reaching the palace.

It is a business area and contains many notable buildings, skyscrapers and malls such as the Souq Sharq and Arraya Tower.

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