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Sheila Mello

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Sheila Mello

Sheila Chesed de Almeida Mello (born 23 July 1978) is a Brazilian dancer, actress and model. She became famous for dancing in the band É o Tchan!

Biography[change | change source]

Was born in Cidade Ademar, vila imperio, a district on the outskirts of São Paulo.[1] Before becoming known for her participation in the group É o Tchan!, Sheila graduated in both classical ballet and in modern ballet.[1] ' Her entry to the group É o Tchan! came in 1998 through a contest held to choose a replacement for the dancer Carla Perez who left the group.[2] Immediately after her victory she posed nude for the first time in Playboy magazine. She was on the cover in the other two editions, one next to Sheila Carvalho, her colleague É o Tchan.[3] In October 2007, she posed naked again, this time for the magazine Sexy.

Movies[change | change source]

  • 2007: Alphaville 2007 d.C
  • 2007: Segurança Nacional

Theatre[change | change source]

  • Herótica - Cartilha Feminina Para Homens Machos (direction: Darson Ribeiro)
  • Caldé e os Peixes Que Aprendem a Nadar no Ar (direction: Marcelo Lazzaratti)
  • Gretta Garbo Quem Diria, Acabou no Irajá (direction: Hilton Have)
  • O Santo e a Porca (direction: Ednaldo Freire)
  • Viúva, Porém Honesta (direction: Fábio Marcof)
  • A Invasão (direction: Gabriel Carmona)
  • Caminhos da Independência
  • Uma Empregada Quase Perfeita (direction: Mirian Lins)
  • 2/4 no Motel (direction: Flávio Colatrello)

Discography[change | change source]

Singles[change | change source]

Television[change | change source]

References[change | change source]

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