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Sheshan is the name for a pair of hills in Songjiang District in Shanghai, China. These two hills are West Sheshan, which is 97 meters high, and East Sheshan, which is 100.8 meters high.

The Chinese name is Shéshān (佘山). Shé (佘) is the name of a Chinese family, and shān (山) is a word that can mean "mountain", "mountains", "hill", or "hills". Some people say that the hills' name used to be Shéshān (蛇山), meaning "Snake Hill", but that the Chinese character was changed because people don't like snakes.

The hills are part of a forest park that is 64.08 square kilometers big. The park is open from 8 AM to 4:30 PM.

The top of the West Hill has Our Lady of Sheshan Catholic Church and the Sheshan Observatory. The East Hill has an amusement park.

Sheshan Station is a Shanghai Subway station on Line 9.