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Shiva Baby is an American movie made by Emma Seligman. The main character Danielle is played by Rachel Sennott. It was shown at film festivals in 2020, and in movie theaters in 2021. It was delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Molly Gordon plays Maya, Danny Deferrari plays Max, Polly Draper plays Danielle's mom Debbie, Fred Melamed plays Danielle's dad Joel, and Dianna Agron plays Max's wife Kim.[1]

Plot[change | change source]

Danielle has sex with Max in exchange for money, then goes to a Jewish funeral observance with her parents, Joel and Debbie. Debbie tells her to behave inside. Neighbors who are also at the funeral compare Danielle to Maya, who was Danielle's girlfriend in high school, and who is going to law school. Max also knows Danielle's parents and goes to the funeral. Debbie tells Danielle that Max is married, shocking her.

Kim, who is Max's wife, also arrives. She has brought their baby. Danielle has to go to the bathroom to change after accidentally ripping her tights. In the bathroom mirror she takes a topless photo to send to Max, but she leaves her phone in the bathroom. She tries to avoid Max and his family, helping out around the house. Maya tries to go with her and notices Danielle staring at Max, but Maya thinks Danielle is staring at Kim, and asks her about it. Danielle doesn't want to say Kim is pretty and successful.

Danielle then talks to Kim, who tries to give Danielle a job, but Danielle is rude to Kim. Danielle's parents then talk to Kim, revealing to Danielle that Kim makes the money in their family and gives Max the money to pay Danielle without knowing about it. Kim sees Danielle wearing the same bracelet that Max gave to her, and suspects something is out of place. Max then spills coffee on Danielle while trying to hide the topless photos from Kim, and Danielle goes to clean up with Debbie, who comforts her. Maya and Danielle then go to the kitchen, because Maya wants to talk about their relationship, but Max interrupts. Maya loudly talks about their relationship. Danielle follows Max to the bathroom and tries to give him a blowjob, but he leaves. Danielle goes outside, and argues with Maya before they kiss.

Maya then finds Danielle's phone in the bathroom, and sees messages about having sex with people, which upsets her. Maya tells Danielle she has seen the phone but won't tell her where. Danielle sees Kim again, talking with her parents and other people. Danielle hints to Kim that Max is cheating, and Kim asks Danielle if she is dating anyone. Joel gets the people around Danielle to sing an old lullaby to her to comfort her about being single. Danielle is stressed out and imagines Kim singing along.

Danielle and Max decide to stop having sex, and Kim walks in to tell Max they need to go home. Danielle also wants to go home and tries to find her parents. Kim goes to find Danielle to give her back her phone. Kim asks Danielle to hold her baby so she can feed her, but Danielle doesn't want to. Max starts arguing with Kim about the baby, accidentally pushing Danielle into a vase. Danielle starts crying on the floor, and Debbie gets everyone to leave. They all get in Joel's van even though there isn't much room, and Maya and Danielle hold hands and smile.

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