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Woman riding in a modern English sidesaddle class.

Riding sidesaddle is a type of horseback riding. Sidesaddle riding uses a special saddle. This saddle allows the rider to sit 'aside' rather than 'astride' a horse. Astride means the rider's legs are opened with one leg on each side of the horse. In sidesaddle, the rider's legs are basically closed and both legs are on the same side of the horse. Girls and women mostly ride sidesaddle. Riding sidesaddle allows them to use a modest posture while showing off their nicest riding habits. There are two categories for competition, Junior and Senior classes.

In history[change | change source]

Catherine the Great riding sidesaddle by Georg Christoph Grooth (1716-49)

Women sitting aside a horse to ride began in ancient history. It later became popular in European countries in the Middle Ages. This gave women wearing skirts a way to ride a horse in a modest[1] way while also wearing their fancy clothes. It is still popular [2] with some modern riders.

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