Sienna Guillory

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Sienna Guillory in 2007

Sienna Tiggy Guillory (said like "Gil-ir-ee" (IPA: [ˈɡɪlɜːɪ])) (born 16 March 1975) is an English actress and she used to be a model. She is famous for acting as Jill Valentine in Resident Evil: Apocalypse and as Elf Arya Drottningu in Eragon.

She is daughter of Isaac Guillory, an Anglo-Cuban folk guitarist, and his first wife, Tina. Guillory has acted in many British movies, and later in American movies. Not long ago, she acted in a number of science-fiction and fantasy movies written for teenagers.

While working on the 1996 movie The Future Lasts A Long Time, Guillory met English actor Nick Moran, and she was married to Moran from July 1997 until 2000. Later, she married Enzo Cilenti, in 2002, and Guillory wore her grandmother's wedding gown. In 2007, they moved to Los Angeles, California, USA.