Simcoe, Ontario

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Simcoe is a small town in Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada.

Buildings[change | change source]

It has a secular high school and a faith-based high school along with several primary schools, two shopping malls, two free clinics and a hospital.

The Internet is available in Simcoe in both dial-up and broadband forms. Although there are 3 video stores in the city, some people prefer satellite television over cable television or rented DVDs. The satellite television is cheaper than the local cable in this town. Basic cable starts out at over $100/month while satellite can range in price from free-to-air to expensive (but with more channels than basic cable). A Wal-Mart that opened on January 23, 2008 at the northeast end of Simcoe. A Shoppers Drug Mart and a Boston Pizza are currently open.

Festivals[change | change source]

During the summer, the town hosts the Friendship Festival, which is famous all over Ontario. In the fall, the Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show brings carnival rides and midway attractions for 6 days. Simcoe is also a central area for migrant labour, to harvest tobacco, fruits and vegetables.

Religious festivals[change | change source]

Winter time brings the Panorama and a selection of religious and Christian dioramas for the town to see.

Famous people[change | change source]

For such a small town, Simcoe is famous for producing world class hockey talent. The town is famous for hockey players Rob Blake, Jassen Cullimore, Dwayne Roloson, Rick Wamsley, John Stevens (although not born in Simcoe, was product of Talbot Street arena hockey program), Geordie Kinnear, Ryan VandenBussche and more who play hockey in the National Hockey League in North America. Also it is the home of Red Kelly, who played in the NHL. The Stanley Cup was seen around Simcoe for 3 seasons in a row (over a 4-year period due to NHL Players strike that occurred). Barry Boughner was from local town Delhi, Ontario. Serious aspirational professional hockey player kids should strongly consider Simcoe as a starting point (in someone's opinion).