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Sirenia (band)

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Sirenia performing live at Norway Rock Festival in 2009
Background information
OriginStavanger, Norway
GenresGothic metal
Symphonic metal
Years active2001 – present
LabelsNapalm Records
Nuclear Blast
MembersMorten Veland
Jonathan Perez
Jan Erik Soltvedt
Past member(s)Henriette Bordvik
Kristian Gundersen
Monika Pedersen
Bjørnar Landa
Michael S. Krumins

Sirenia is a gothic metal band from Stavanger, Norway, founded in early 2001. Sirenia play a mix of gothic metal, symphonic metal, extreme metal and death metal sounds. The vocals are two male, one hard voice, from death metal, and a clean male singer. The female voice is used in moments with melody or chorus. The band uses melodic instrumentals, synthesizers, and distorted guitars with female vocals, and a choir, and violins, for the male voices. Lyrics spoke about human existence, emotion, and mental states.

The band has changed tree female voices, first Fabienne Gondamin for the recording of At Sixes and Sevens, then Henriette Bordvik with whom the band recorded two albums ("An Elixir For Existence" and plus one EP "Sirenian Shores", and thenMonika Pedersen for recording Nine Destinies and a Downfall in 2007.

The lyrics, are written by Morten Veland.

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