Skinner (movie)

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Directed byIvan Nagy
Produced byBrad Wyman (co-producer)
Jeff Pollon (co-producer)
Tamar E. Glaser (co-producer)
James H. Rutt (associate producer)
Mark Beychok (executive producer)
Nelson I. Korchak (executive producer)
Dan Sales (executive producer)
Written byPaul Hart-Wilden
StarringTed Raimi
Ricki Lake
Traci Lords
Richard Schiff
Music byKeith Arem
CinematographyGreg Littlewood
Edited byFred Roth
Peter Schink
Distributed by5 Kidd Productions
Cinequanon Pictures International Inc.
A-Pix Entertainment
Image Entertainment
Simitar Video
Release date
1993 (Italy)
1995 (USA)
Running time
90 min

Skinner is a 1993 independent movie, splatter and slasher motion picture starring Ted Raimi, Traci Lords, Ricki Lake and Richard Schiff.

Synopsis[change | change source]

Dennis Skinner is a likeable decent-looking lad, who is driven by a disturbing childhood; moonlights as a skid row slasher style, serial killer who tends to prey on hookers, in-between those co-workers of his who despise him as he does in return. Who punishes those (he finds offensive) in particular, by flaying his victims alive. On his trail is Heidi, a junkie prostitute, who survived one of his brutal attacks and now strives for revenge.

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