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Skunk Anansie

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Skunk Anansie at the Eska Music Awards in 2011

Skunk Anansie are a British rock music group.[1] Their members include Skin (guitar and lead vocals), Ace (guitar and backing vocals), Cass (guitar, bass and backing vocals) and Mark Richardson (drums, percussion).

Skunk Anansie formed in 1994. They came apart in 2001. They returned in 2008 or 2009. The name Skunk Anansie is from Akan folk tales of Anansi. Skunk is added to make the name even nastier.[2]

They have put out six studio albums, like Paranoid & Sunburnt (1995), Stoosh (1996) and Wonderlustre (2010). They have also had several songs, like "Weak", "Selling Jesus" and "Charity."

They are often grouped as part of a Britrock movement, running along with Britpop.

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