Sniper scope

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A sniper scope

A sniper scope or telecopic sight is a kind of telescope that is attached to a rifle. These scopes can help a sniper aim and hit a target far away. Usually, they are made of metal, with glass on each end. They show markings to help aim. A rifle scope works by enlarging target area so you can aim more accurately. Scopes differ from iron sights, which are usually used in crossbows or some machine guns.[1]

The scope hasn’t been around forever. In fact, scopes are relatively new inventions, dating back to the late 19th century. A book published in 1844 called the Improved American Rifle documents some of the first rifle markers manufactured in New York.[2] The idea of using a telescope tube came in 10 years later. Willian Malcolm, a New York manufacturer, introduced optics to lenses.

It was during the World War when rifle scopes saw big improvements. With trench warfare came the rise of the snipers.[3]

Back then, 6x magnification was considered a feat. But with today’s technology, we could use even 10x magnification scopes with rifles.

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