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Snoopy is Charlie Brown's pet beagle in the comic strip Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz.[1] Born on the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm, Snoopy started out in the background. Eventually he stood on his hind legs and became a main character. Snoopy has many alter egos, and many siblings.

Snoopy's house looks small from the outside, but the inside is much bigger, like the Tardis from Doctor Who. He has many things in his house, including a TV set, Van Gogh painting, pool table, cedar closet, and many other things. It has been destroyed multiple times, including being burnt down, destroyed by a falling icicle, and being smashed by the violent cat who lives next door.

Snoopy's family[change | change source]

  • Spike, brother, who lives in a desert in Needles, California.
  • Olaf, brother, lives with Andy. He is fat, or "roly-poly" as he describes himself.
  • Andy, brother, lives with Olaf. He is very shaggy.
  • Marbles, brother, doesn't understand Snoopy's fantasies.
  • Belle, sisters, is cute and fashionable.
  • Rover is yet another one of Snoopy's brothers. He doesn't appear in the comic strip, only in the movies/TV shows.
  • Molly, sister. Like Rover, she appears only in certain movies/TV shows.
  • Missy is Snoopy's mother.

Snoopy's costumes[change | change source]

Snoopy has many alter egos. Most are "World Famous".

  • Joe Cool: He is a cool college student and likes girls.
  • World War I Flying Ace: He is a fighter pilot who flies a Sopwith Camel (actually Snoopy's dog house).
  • World Famous Author: He writes many stories. Most of his stories begin with "It was a dark and stormy night...", and most are also not very good.
  • World Famous Lawyer: He is a lawyer who loves to sue people and also loves eating doughnuts.
  • World Famous Beagle Scout: He is a scout troop leader. The scouts in his troop are Woodstock (Snoopy's best friend) and a few birds that Woodstock is friends with.

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