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Softball is a sport similar to baseball. Pitchers throw underhand (with hand below shoulder level). The balls are larger than those used in baseball. Indoor softballs have a slightly softer texture. The actual softball is not hard at all. There are many techniques for hitting in softball and different types of bunts. Men, women, boys, or girls can play softball. There are two types of softball: fastpitch and slowpitch.

How softball is played[change | change source]

Softball is a game that people of all ages can play. There are nine players per team. The basic point to softball is to get as many players to home plate as possible. In order to get to home base the player has to hit the ball. Once the ball is in play the player runs to first base, then the player waits until the next player hits the ball in order to advance to second base. This keeps on going on until there are three outs and then the team on the field goes in to bat, and the team that was up to bat goes to the field.

Equipment[change | change source]

Ball: Softballs are not actually soft they weigh about 6.25-7.0oz for fastpitch and 5.87-6.12oz for slowpitch. The ball has a raised seam and is usually yellow or white in color. The softball was invented in Chicago.

Gloves: All defensive players where gloves, the glove is used to catch the ball when it is hit or thrown to the player. The gloves are usually made out of leather or similar material. The catcher has a special glove that is extra padded to protect the hand from catching the ball thrown by the pitcher. The first baseman has a special glove also, it has a bigger pocket to catch the ball easier, because they get the ball thrown to them multiple times during each inning.

Bat: The bat used by the offense can be made out of wood or aluminum or other composite materials, such as carbon fiber. It cannot be longer than 34 inches long, and 6.0 inches in diameter (length of one side of a circle to the other side) and 38oz in mass.

Fastpitch[change | change source]

Fastpitch softball is only for female athletes. The ages range from five years old until college or professional level.

Fastpitch pitching distance can be between 35 and 45 feet; it all depends on the age of the players. The pitches can travel around 60 MPH also depending on the age of the players. The pitchers arm rotates 360 degrees around her should until the ball is released from the hand.

Slowpitch[change | change source]

Slowpitch softball is for both men and women, usually a sport for adults.

Slowpitch pitching distance is 50 feet for both male and female players. The pitchers arm motion is a half a windmill, meaning that it is an underhand throw.

Softball terms[change | change source]

Home plate: A five sided white flat base which the batter stands next to.

1st base: Counter clockwise from home plate first base that person runs to.

2nd base: The base after 1st base.

Shortstop: A defensive position in between 2nd base and third base

3rd base: Clockwise from home plate

Rightfield: A defensive outfield position. In rightfield

Middlefield: A defensive outfield position. In middlefield

Leftfield: A defensive outfield position. In leftfield

Innings: There are usually anywhere in between 3-7 innings in a softball game. The number of innings played usually depends on the league, rules, and if playing fastpitch softball, or slowpitch softball.

Strikes: The player gets three strikes before they are out.

Fouls: The player gets four fouls before they are out.