Space Pilot 3000

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"Space Pilot 3000" is a 1999 episode of Futurama season 1 and the series premiere.

Plot[change | change source]

Philip J. Fry became disappointed that he still delivers pizza as of December 31st, 1999. He was supposed to deliver pizza and beer to someone named I.C. Weiner at the cryogenic lab. He believed it was a prank call and accidentally got in a cryopod. He stayed in there until it opened on December 31st, 2999. Fry realized that he woke up on the future. He met a one eyed woman named Leela who did a DNA test on him that he has a living descendent named Professor Hubert Farnsworth. Fry was given a career assignment to be a delivery boy, to his frustration. He ran away and checked out the streets of New New York. Fry saw what he believed is a phone booth and met a robot named Bender. They went inside and Fry learned it was a Suicide Booth that kills people who don't want to live. Fry and Bender avoided the weapons and left the Suicide Booth. They went to a bar. Bender explained to Fry that he's a suicidal drinker and wants to go to another booth. Fry wants Bender to stay with him. They went to the Head Museum, a museum of celebrities' living heads including Leonard Nimoy. Leela spotted the two and Bender accidentally broke the presidential head jars, specifically Richard Nixon. At a hidden room, Bender was told to bend girders so he and Fry can escape Leela. They went to the sewers, home of the ruins of Old New York. Leela came to the two and quit her job as a police officer. The three go to Planet Express and meet Professor Farnsworth. They are hunted down by the police and Richard Nixon's head. The four took off on the spaceship as the new year begins. Farnsworth decided to hire the three for Planet Express, to Fry's joy.

Reception[change | change source]

The pilot had great ratings and many thought it was a great start for Futurama.