Sphenoid bone

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Sphenoid bone
Cranial Bones. Only the end of the wing of the sphenoid bone is visible
Sphenoid bone, upper surface.
Latinos sphenoidale
Anatomical terms of bone

The sphenoid bone[note 1] is an unpaired bone of the neurocranium. It is in the middle of the skull towards the front.

Notes[change | change source]

  1. According to most dictionaries, the word sphenoid (/ˈsfnɔɪd/[1][2] derives from Greek sphenoeides, "wedgelike". Thieme Atlas of Anatomy[3] disagrees and says that the sphenoid bone was originally called os sphecoidale, meaning "bone resembling a wasp", and that the word was later written 'sphenoidale' by a transcription error. An anterior view of the bone resembles more the body of a wasp or a bat[4] with wings than a wedge.

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